Polymer component for urls history navigation

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bower install iron-url-history



iron-url-history is a Polymer element that allow storing navigation history while clicking in single page application. This element share history between all the instances of the iron-url-history tag. Can be imported in a custom element allowing to store navigation redirection ( like clicking and redirecting to the href on a a tag ). iron-url-history store the navigation url, the date of redirection and, if present, a "user defined" additional paramenter. That will allow to share additional information aboute navigation timeline.

The following methods are available for call:

Method Inputs Outputs Description
goto url (string) null Simulate href redirection and store the url in navigation history
pushLocation url (string), adds (object) null Push the url into navigation history and store additional user's defined information about that
getCurrent null { url (string), date (date), adds (object) } Get the current view information
getBack null { url (string), date (date), adds (object) } Get the previous view information
getForward null { url (string), date (date), adds (object) } Get the previous view information
getHistory null [ { url (string), date (date), adds (object) } ] Get the entire view history information

To install the component with the Bower, just run:

bower install --save iron-url-history


<link rel="import" href="./iron-url-history.html">

<iron-url-history id="history" history={{history}}></iron-url-history>

An example on how to include the iron-url-history tag inside a custom link element is provided inside the tag-a-history tag ( also used inside the demo page ).

For a working sample about the iron-url-history tag check the DEMO PAGE