omegags is a responsive, flexible grid framework.

sass, layout, grid, rwd, responsive-web-design
bower install omegags


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A simple grid for complicated times. is a responsive, flexible grid framework. Primary usage of is implemented by the Omega Drupal theme.

Development Status

While this has been stable, and in use on a multitude of Drupal 7 and now Drupal 8 sites, not much development effort has gone to this grid framework.

It's time for some updates, refactoring, documentation and integrations.


Download from

You can download packaged releases, latest branch builds, or clone the repository.

git clone

Install via npm.js
npm install omegags

Install via

Install using gem install

gem install omegags

Add to Gemfile manually

gem 'omegags', '~> 1.0'

Install via
bower install omegags