A polymer element providing input with autocomplete.

bower install polywc-input-search



An element providing a starting point for your own reusable Polymer elements.


Element dependencies are managed via Bower. You can install that via:

npm install -g bower

Then, go ahead and download the element's dependencies:

bower install

Linting Your Element

If you wish to lint your element, we recommend that you use Polylint to take into account Polymer linting specificities. You can install it via:

npm install -g polylint

And you can run it via:

polylint -i seed-element.html

If your element contains errors, they will appear on the console.

Note that it is possible to use Polylint with Atom and Sublime with the appropriate package/plugin.

For more options regarding polylint, please refer to the documentation.

Playing With Your Element

If you wish to work on your element in isolation, we recommend that you use Polyserve to keep your element's bower dependencies in line. You can install it via:

npm install -g polyserve

And you can run it via:


Once running, you can preview your element at http://localhost:8080/components/seed-element/, where seed-element is the name of the directory containing it.

Testing Your Element

Simply navigate to the /test directory of your element to run its tests. If you are using Polyserve: http://localhost:8080/components/seed-element/test/


The tests are compatible with web-component-tester. Install it via:

npm install -g web-component-tester

Then, you can run your tests on all of your local browsers via:


WCT Tips

wct -l chrome will only run tests in chrome.

wct -p will keep the browsers alive after test runs (refresh to re-run).

wct test/some-file.html will test only the files you specify.

Yeoman support

If you'd like to use Yeoman to scaffold your element that's possible. The official generator-polymer generator has a seed subgenerator.