Astrology lib connected to the C lib Swiss ephemeris



Traditional astrology for rust

Rust library by Stéphane Bressani (

Using swissephem c library by Astrodienst AG by Dieter Koch and Alois Treindl (

The source code is released under an MIT License, which allows it to be used also on commercial projects. This software uses the swiss ephemeris which is licensed GPL.

Therefore, if you want to use astro_compute_swisseph in your commercial projects, you must adhere to the GPL license or buy a Swiss Ephemeris commercial license.


Actuallay the version is like a hello world (0.1), just this method is available:

pub extern "C" fn sweversion() -> *const c_char {


0.1.4 Add Cancer svg

0.1.3 Add Gemini svg

0.1.2 Add Taurus svg

0.1.1 Add Aries svg

0.1.0 Simple swiss ephemeris call based on version 2.8 of swiss ephemeris