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Nervos CKB - The Common Knowledge Base

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About CKB

CKB is the layer 1 of Nervos Network, a public/permissionless blockchain. CKB uses Proof of Work and improved Nakamoto consensus to achieve maximized performance on average hardware and internet condition, without sacrificing decentralization and security which are the core value of blockchain.

CKB supports scripting in any programming language with its own CKB-VM, a virtual machine fully compatible with RISC-V ISA. CKB is a General Verification Network, its programming model focuses on state verification, leaves state generation to layer 2 applications/protocols.

Nervos project defines a suite of scalable and interoperable blockchain protocols to create a self-evolving distributed economy, CKB is among them.

Notice: The ckb process will send stack trace to sentry on Rust panics. This is enabled by default before mainnet, which can be opted out by setting the option dsn to empty in the config file.

Join a Network

  • Mainnet Lina: Use the latest release and run ckb init --chain mainnet to initialize the node.
  • Testnet Aggron: Use the latest release and run ckb init --chain testnet to initialize the node.

See more networks to join in the wiki.


CKB uses the Eaglesong mining algorithm.

License FOSSA Status

Nervos CKB is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development Process

This project is still in development, and it's NOT in production-ready status. The board also lists some known issues that we are currently working on.

The master branch is regularly built and tested, however, it is not guaranteed to be completely stable; The develop branch is the work branch to merge new features, and it's not stable. The CHANGELOG is available in Releases and in the master branch.

How to Contribute

The contribution workflow is described in, and security policy is described in To propose new protocol or standard for Nervos, see Nervos RFC.


Latest version is hosted in GitHub.

The default branch in GitHub is develop, if you are looking for docs for the Mainnet Lina or Testnet Aggron, switch to the branch master.

You can find a more comprehensive document website at