A rock-solid cryprocurrency crawler.

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A rock-solid cryprocurrency crawler.


Use the carbonbot binary to crawl data.

If you need more control and customization, use this library.


  • crypto-crawler is the crawler library to crawl websocket and restful messages from exchanges
  • carbonbot is the main CLI tool to run crawlers.
  • crypto-ws-client is the underlying websocket client library, providing a set of universal APIs for different exchanges.
  • crypto-rest-client is the underlying RESTful client library, providing universal APIs to get public data from different exchanges.
  • crypto-markets is a RESTful library to retreive market meta data from cryptocurrency echanges.
  • crypto-client is a RESTful client library to place and cancel orders.
  • Support multiple languages. Some libraries support multiple languages, which is achieved by first providing a FFI binding, then a languge specific wrapper. For example, crypto-crawler provides a C-style FFI binding first, and then provides a Python wrapper and a C++ wrapper based on the FFI binding.

How to parse raw messages

Use the crypto-msg-parser library to parse raw messages.

Crawlers should always preserve the original data without any parsing.