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a framework for creating composable multi-transaction Bitcoin Smart Contracts.

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The root crate is a workspace for various Sapio Components such as:

  1. Sapio CLI: Easy to use interface for using and running sapio contracts.
  2. Sapio Language: Base Specification for Sapio Language and Contract Generation
  3. Plugin Example: Example Project for a Sapio Plugin
  4. Sapio Contrib: Contract modules / functionality made available for general use
  5. Plugin Framework: Library for bundling Sapio Plugins
  6. CTV Emulator: Emulation protocols and servers for CheckTemplateVerify.
  7. Sapio Front: Protocols for interacting with a compilation session
  8. Sapio Compiler Server: Binary for a websocket server running sapio-front


Sapio should work on all platforms, but is recommend for use with Linux (Ubuntu preferred). Follow this quickstart guide to get going.

  1. Get rust if you don't have it already.
  2. Add the wasm target by running rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown in your terminal.
  3. Get the wasm-pack tool.
  4. Clone this repo: git clone git@github.com:sapio-lang/sapio.git && cd sapio
  5. Build the plugin cd plugin-example && wasm-pack build && cd ..
  6. Instantiate a contract from the plugin: cargo run --bin sapio-cli -- contract create 9.99 "{\"participants\": [{\"amount\": 9.99, \"address\": \"bcrt1qs758ursh4q9z627kt3pp5yysm78ddny6txaqgw\"}], \"radix\": 2, \"fee_sats_per_tx\": "0"}" --file="plugin-example/pkg/sapio_wasm_plugin_example_bg.wasm" to see some magic!

You can use cargo run --bin sapio-cli -- help to learn more about what a the CLI can do! and cargo run --bin sapio-cli -- <subcommand> help to learn about subcommands like contract.

As a second experiment, try modifying the contract in plugin-example to one of the contracts from sapio-contrib! Remember to recompile plugin-example with wasm-pack build!

Still hungry for more? Implement your own smart contract idea -- you can use sapio-contrib for inspiration or as building blocks for something new!

Stuck? Run cargo doc --open --no-deps to build and open the documentation locally, or just shoot me a note and I'll guide you through it! Any and all feedback welcome!