Discord server management has never been easier!

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👨🏼‍🔧 Discord server management has never been easier!

⁉️ Why?

In the new context of the pandemic, many educational institutions have shifted their courses online, with the use of communication platforms like Discord. However, managing multiple roles and channels across a Discord server is challenging : there are no way to centrally visualize the information nor to apply synchronized permissions updates. This tool allows you to define a single configuration file to be applied to a server, and it will automatically find the changes that needs to be made, ensuring that your Discord will always be in synch with your config.


  • 📜 Diff current Discord server config with your desired one
  • 🏗️ Apply large scale changes to your Discord server
  • Fast, secure and reliable


  • disma-core : Core Rust library for defining configuration as code and controlling your own orchestrations and implementations.
  • disma-cli : A stable and easy to use command line interface for defining configuration as simple YAML files. Still allows for templating to simplify the configuration.