An implementation of the binary format section from the Webassembly spec.

parser, binary-format, nom



An implementation of the Webassembly spec in Rust.

The structure of the project tries to follow the structure of the Spec where possible. Current progress:

  • Stucture (crate greenwasm-structure): Typedefs for Wasm Types, Instructions and Modules.
  • Validation (crate greenwasm-validation): Validator for a Wasm Module.
  • Execution (crate greenwasm-execution): Naive Execution Engine for a Wasm Module.
  • Binary-Format (crate greenwasm-binary-format) parser for the .wasm binary format.
  • Text-Format: Parser for the .wat text format.

The individual crates are reexported from the central greenwasm crate, which also ties them together with a testsuite and some fuzzer scripts.

In the current version this is mainly a learning exercise, but the long-term goals include:

  • Modularity: It should be possible to use the parser/validator/typedefs independent from each other. This is already somewhat possible due to the split in different crates.
  • Genericy: It should be possible to parse/validate independent from the underlying AST format.
  • Performance: It should be usable for performance-oriented projects.


The greenwasm-spectest crate contains a library shim around a mirror of the official Webasembly MVP testsuite.

It is used as a dev-dependency by the main greenwasm crate, but has no dependencies on other crates in this repo. As such, it can be used as a independent testsuite launcher for other Webassembly implementations.


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