Definitions used by the 'Cooperative Content' zomes



Cooperative Content

A set of Zomes (WASMs used in Holochain DNAs) that provide patterns for collaborative content management.


Cooperative content is about grouping a set of agents under a common goal and enabling others to follow the progress of that group. This project provides a set of rules (integriy zome) for organizing contributions in an efficient way and a model for updating the list of authorized contributors. It also provides a default way of viewing content; however, grouping content in a Holochain app is essentially just a suggestion because the end-user can ultimately choose how they want to read the DHT.

What is so complicated about multi-agent authority?

A simple solution would be to include the list of authorized agents in the entry that they are allowed to update. The complications in the "simple" approach occur when you want to add/remove an agent from a collection of content entries. Each content entry must be updated in order to change the list of authorized agents. Even if the list is moved to its own entry type, the content's reference to the agent list would have to be updated. This project provides a solution that allows the agent list to change without forcing the content entries to also be updated.


Implementing Coop Content in a DNA will require that

  • The DNA include the coop_content.wasm integrity zome and the coop_content_csr.wasm coordinator
  • The target's coordinator(s) make calls to the Coop Content coordinator
  • The target's integrity zome(s) validate group references for target content entries

Add WASMs to your DNA config

  manifest_version: "1"
  name: your_dna
    origin_time: 2023-01-01T00:00:00.000000Z
    network-seed: ~
    properties: ~
      - name: your_zome
        bundled: your_zome.wasm
+     - name: coop_content
+       bundled: coop_content.wasm
      - name: your_main_csr
        bundled: your_main_csr.wasm
          - name: your_zome
+     - name: coop_content_csr
+       bundled: coop_content_csr.wasm
+       dependencies:
+         - name: coop_content

Real examples in tests

Add hc_coop_content_sdk to Cargo.toml

+ hc_coop_content_sdk = "0.1"

Real examples in tests

Implement CRUD

See tests for examples

API Reference

See docs/API.md