Rust cryptocurrency prices on CLI

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Download binary

  • cargo install hodl-ticker

Install && Running

  • Fork or download this repository.
  • cd to the project's location
  • run cargo build --release
  • run ./target/release/hodl-ticker -h


You can use the -c (or --convert) with the fiat currency symbol to find in terms of another currency. The default currency is USD and it supports EUR, GBP and JPY.

// Convert prices to Euro
$ hodl-ticker -c eur
// Convert prices to Yenn
$ hodl-ticker -c jpy

You can use the -f (or --filter) to choose which cryptocurrencies to see.

$ hodl-ticker -f Bitcoin "Bitcoin Cash"

You can use the -l (or --limit) to limit the number of currencies fetched.

$ hodl-ticker -l 20

You can use the -w (or --watch) to trigger the watch mode, data will be fetch every 5 secs.

$ hodl-ticker -w

You can use the -h (or --help) to find all valid options of hodl-ticker

This project is highly inspired by coinmon: