Command line tool and Philips Hue light control framework wrapping up the Hue API

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Smart lights control tool and Rust crate.

Currently it mainly supports Philips Hue lights. But the back-end crate is written in a way that allows other smart lights to be added in the future.

That said, the bulk of the codebase and the CLI focuses on Philips Hue as I don't have any other branded smart light or other smart home tech to integrate.


As it is under development you will need the Rust and cargo installed. Easiest way to do so is to get on board with rustup.

Once you have the dependencies installed, run the following:

cargo install lighthouse

For latest version:

cargo install --git

More manually:

git clone
cd lighthouse
cargo install --path .


Example files

If you would like to see some of the uses for the crate side of lighthouse, see the examples directory of the repository. They will give you an idea of how to use the internals of the crate.

Example commands

After installing you will have to authenticate to a Philips Hue bridge (the box that controls the lights). All commands with the exception of discover will run you through a Hue authentication flow.

# turns all lights on
lh on

# turns all lights off
lh off

# send a state from text string
lh state

# send state from a json file, ignores text string passed
lh state -f filename

# discovers any bridges on the network
lh discover

# print system info once registered
lh info

Short-term trajectory (timeline)

  • Get the CLI to be a bit more comprehensive
  • Add sending commands to lights by ID or Name
  • Add color sending support


The tool is good enough for me to be able to do most stuff I want to do. It does have the potential to become much more user friendly. I would love people to contribute:

  • If you have odd setups or things like light groups, even trying it out to see if it breaks would be helpful
  • More CLI commands
  • Examples for the repository
  • I am aware that you get compilation warnings due to unused Result returns. Good one to start with.
  • Currently the reqwest client is not async, would be ideal if we could send the lights commands asynchronously rather than in a for loop.
  • Remove loose unwraps
  • Tests