Parser for ISO base media file format (mp4)



This is an mp4 track metadata parser.

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Our primary interest is writing a pure-rust replacement for the track metadata parser needed by Firefox.

API documentation

Project structure

mp4parse is a parser for ISO base media file format (mp4) written in rust.

mp4parse-capi is a C API that exposes the functionality of mp4parse. The C API is intended to wrap the rust parser. As such, features should primarily be implemented in the rust parser and exposed via the C API, rather than the C API implementing features on its own.

test_ffi builds and links test_ffi/src/ into a small Rust test harness in test_ffi/src/ that verifies the C API against the generated mp4parse.h.


Test coverage comes from several sources:

  • Conventional tests exist in mp4parse/src/ and mp4parse_capi/src/ as well as under mp4parse/tests and mp4parse_capi/tests. These tests can be run via cargo test.
  • Examples are included under mp4parse_capi/examples. These programs should continue to build and run after changes are made. Note, these programs are not typically run by cargo test, so manual verification is required.