Tool to query symbols from rust code for use in IDEs



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A tool to query symbols from rust code for use in IDEs


cargo install rustsym


rustsym supports three modes of querying symbols:

  • Global Searches the crate root for any *.rs source files and appends the collected symbols to the final list.
  • Local Searches a specific *.rs file for symbols and skips child modules.
  • LocalChildren The default search. This searches a specific *.rs file and any child modules required by the file.

For example, to find symbols matching foo in (excluding child modules), you should invoke rustsym as follows: rustsym search -l foo. Omitting the -l will search child modules.

If you run rustsym search -g . foo then you will search all source files under the current directory for foo.

rustsym also supports pretty printing the AST for debugging why certain symbols may not appear, but to also improve the turn around time of additional symbol types. This functionality is entirely provided by syntex. It can be invoked with rustsym ast

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