Skiplist implementation in rust, providing fast insertion and removal. A normal skiplist is implemented, as well as an ordered skiplist and a skipmap. This is modified to work on stable Rust 1.9.0.

collection, sorted, skiplist


Rust Stable Skiplist

A skiplist provides a way of storing data with log(i) access, insertion and removal for an element in the ith position.

There are three kinds of collections defined here:

  • SkipList This behaves like nearly any other double-ended list.
  • OrderedSkipList Ensures that the elements are always sorted. Still allows for access nodes at a given index.
  • SkipMap A map in which the keys are ordered.

Documentation here, crate here.

This was forked from and modified to use its own version of Bound, so that its range methods are usable with stable Rust.