'usb-device' implementation for STM32 microcontrollers

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usb-device implementation for STM32 microcontrollers.

This repository is a fork for the mvirkkunen/stm32f103xx-usb crate.

Supported microcontrollers

  • STM32F042xx
  • STM32F048xx
  • STM32F072xx
  • STM32F078xx
  • STM32F103xx
  • STM32F303xC
  • STM32L4x2xx
  • And others...

Feature flags

To use this crate you need to set proper feature flags. All the feature flags are listed in Cargo.toml under different sections.

If your target MCU matches one of the feature flags listed under the Known devices section of Cargo.toml, you can use just that feature flag. For example:

stm32-usbd = { version = "0.2", features = ["stm32f103xx"] }

For other cases, you have to figure out different properties of your MCU and USB peripheral implemented in it. Each property has a corresponding feature flag that you should set to indicate that property.

Device family:

  • stm32f0
  • stm32f1
  • stm32f3
  • stm32l4

Size of dedicated packet buffer memory SRAM:

  • ram_size_512
  • ram_size_1024

Dedicated packet buffer memory SRAM access scheme:

  • ram_access_1x16 - for "1x16 bits/word" access scheme
  • ram_access_2x16 - for "2x16 bits/word" access scheme

USB peripheral features:

  • lpm_support - USB 2.0 Link Power Management (LPM) support
  • bcd_support - Battery Charging Detection (BCD) support
  • dp_pull_up_support - Embedded pull-up resistor on USB_DP line

Various hacks:

  • ram_addr_40006c00 if dedicated SRAM address is equal to 0x4000_6c00 instead of 0x4000_6000
# An example feature set for STM32F303CB MCU
stm32-usbd = { version = "0.2", features = ["stm32f3", "ram_size_512", "ram_access_1x16"] }
stm32f3xx-hal = { version = "0.1.4", features = ["rt", "stm32f3xx-hal/stm32f303"] }

Note that you also need to set the device feature for stm32*-hal crate.


See the examples directory for an example of a custom class and a minimalistic USB serial port device.

See the stm32-usbd-examples repo for different device-specific examples.