Memory-efficient mapping from values to integer identifiers (AKA a lexicon or symbol table), with options for fast bidirectional lookup




This crate provides the means for associating values of an arbitrary type T with values of another arbitrary type S ("symbols"). Typical use cases involve values of T that are less convenient to deal with than values of S, in which the identity of a T is important but its value is not. For example, the first step in many natural language handling pipelines is construct a mapping from token strings to a dense range of integers starting at 0, so that they may be compared very quickly and used to index simple data structures like vectors and arrays.

You can get a lot of this package's functionality with a structure like:

pub struct Table<T> where T: Hash + Eq {
    // Mapping from T to usize.
    by_symbol: HashMap<T, usize>,
    // Mapping from usize to T.
    by_id: Vec<T>,

But then you're maintaining two copies of each T. You can resort to a HashMap<Rc<T>, usize> and Vec<Rc<T>>, but that forces you to pay the cost of reference counting and isn't easily shared across threads. Using Arc instead of Rc makes your type Send-able, but that has even more overhead than using Rc.

Or you could use symbol_table::HashIndexing<Data=T, SymbolId=usize> and get a type that is Send and Sync when T is and owns only one T per association in the table.

See the rustdoc for example usage and further technical details.


Copyright 2016, Donald S. Black.

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