DataTable component for re-frame 0.8.0+




A UI component for re-frame. Uses existing subscription to data source in re-frame's app-db and declarative definition of how to render it as a table. Supports sorting, pagination and some basic CSS manipulations for generated table.

This is a reworking of the original, but we made the code more modular, added unit tests and used cljc instead of cljs, which allows to include it in clj unit tests.

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Leiningen version

In your application add the following dependency to the file that defines views in your re-frame application:

(ns re-frame-datatable-docs.views
  (:require [re-frame-datatable.core :as dt]
            [your.app.subs :as subs] ; Namespace in which re-frame subscriptions are defined

Here is a sample Reagent component which defines datatable (assuming that subs namespace constains ::songs-list subscription which returns data in the following format: [{:index 1 :name "Mister Sandman" :duration 136} ...])

(defn sneak-peek-for-readme []
   [{::dt/column-key   [:index]
     ::dt/sorting      {::dt/enabled? true}
     ::dt/column-label "#"}
    {::dt/column-key   [:name]
     ::dt/column-label "Name"}
    {::dt/column-key   [:duration]
     ::dt/column-label "Duration"
     ::dt/sorting      {::dt/enabled? true}
     ::dt/render-fn    (fn [val]
                          (let [m (quot val 60)
                                s (mod val 60)]
                            (if (zero? m)
                              (str m ":" (when (< s 10) 0) s)))])}]
   {::dt/pagination    {::dt/enabled? true
                        ::dt/per-page 5}
    ::dt/table-classes ["ui" "table" "celled"]}])

dt/datatable component accepts the following arguments:

  • datatable-key - a keyword, that will be used in re-frame's app-db to store datatable state
  • subscription-vec - a vector, which will be used by datatable to render data via (re-frame/subscribe subscription-vec)
  • columns-def - a vector of maps, that defines how each column of datatable should look like
  • options - optional map of additional options

For the complete documenation and live examples visit Documentation website.

How it works

re-frame-datatable expects a re-frame subscription, that returns a collection of maps. It will render an HTML table (using <table> tag) based on the following rules

  • Table will have n columns (based on the amount of elements in columns-def vector
  • The columns will be rendered in the same order, as in columns-def vector
  • For each item in subscription, datatable will render a row, each cell of which will correspond to the value of a particular property in the item's map (datatable uses get-in item column-key based on columns-def)
  • For every action, that changes the state of datatable (sorting, pagination) it will re-calculate what should be rendered and apply it on top of provided data subscription


Copyright © 2016 Kirill Ishanov

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.