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Duct scheduler.simple

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Integrant methods for running functions periodically in a thread pool. Part of the Duct framework, but can be used in any application that uses Integrant.


To install, add the following to your project :dependencies:

[duct/scheduler.simple "0.1.0"]


The scheduler runs jobs, which are zero-argument functions, at periodic intervals. A configuration might look something like this:

 {:jobs [{:interval 60   :run #ig/ref :example.job/every-minute}
         {:interval 3600 :run #ig/ref :example.job/every-hour]}

 :example.job/every-minute {}
 :example.job/every-hour   {}}

Where the example jobs are defined:

(require '[integrant.core :as ig])

(defmethod ig/init-key :example.job/every-minute [_ _]
  #(println "A minute passed."))

(defmethod ig/init-key :example.job/every-hour [_ _]
  #(println "An hour passed."))

The :duct.schedule/simple key takes a collection of :jobs, and optionally the :thread-pool-size, which defaults to 32.

Jobs are maps that have three keys:

  • :delay (optional) - how long in seconds to delay before the first job
  • :interval - how long in seconds between the start of each job
  • :run - a zero-argument function run at each interval

This scheduler isn't suitable for more complex cron-like scheduling, but is useful if you just want to periodically run cleanup, indexing or other processing scripts at regular intervals.


Copyright © 2018 James Reeves

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.