Small library for creating and modifying Github pull requests.




A small, very simple library for opening, closing, approving and commenting on pull requests on Github. It uses Github's v4 GraphQL API.


You will need a Github access token with repo permissions. This is one way to provide that value:

(def token (System/getenv "GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN"))

All of these methods return a map of information about the new or updated pull request or comment, such as the :body (in markdown), :title, :permalink or whether the pull request :isDraft or :mergeable.

Create a new pull request

(def options {:title "A title for the pull request"
              :body "The body of the pull request"
              :base "main or master, usually"
              :branch "the name of the branch you want to merge"
              :draft true
              :maintainerCanModify true})
(def new-pr-url (:permalink (create-pull-request
                 "https://github.com/eamonnsullivan/github-pr-lib" options)))

The :title, :base and :branch are mandatory. You can omit the :body, and the :draft and :maintainerCanModify options default to true.

Update a pull request

(def updated {:title "A new title"
              :body "A new body"
              :maintainerCanModify false})
(update-pull-request token new-pr-url updated)

Mark a pull request as ready for review

(mark-ready-for-review token new-pr-url)

Comment on a pull request

Only handles issue comments on pull requests at the moment. The body text can use Github-style markdown.

;; returns the permalink for the comment
(def comment-link (add-pull-request-comment token new-pr-url "Another comment."))

Edit an issue comment

(edit-pull-request-comment token comment-link
                           "The new body for the comment, with *some markdown* and `stuff`.")

Close a pull request

(close-pull-request token new-pr-url)

Reopen a pull request

(reopen-pull-request token new-pr-url)

Merge a pull request

;; All of these fields are optional. The merge-method will default to "SQUASH".
;; The merge will fail if the pull-request's URL can't be found, if the pull
;; request's head reference is out-of-date or if there are conflicts.
(def merge-options {:title "A title or headline for the commit."
                    :body "The commit message body."
                    :mergeMethod "MERGE" or "REBASE" or "SQUASH"
                    :authorEmail "someone@somwhere.com"})
(merge-pull-request token new-pr-url merge-options)

Misc. info

;; Various bits of information, such as whether it is mergeable or a draft.
(get-pull-request-info token new-pr-url)

Development Notes

To run the project's tests:

$ clojure -A:test:runner -M:runner

To build a deployable jar of this library:

$ clojure -Spom               # to update any dependencies
$ clojure -A:jar -M:jar

To install the library locally:

$ clojure -A:install -M:install

To deploy it to Clojars -- needs CLOJARS_USERNAME and CLOJARS_PASSWORD environment variables or Maven settings:

$ clojure -A:deploy -M:deploy


Copyright © 2020 Eamonn

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.