A Leiningen plugin for automatically compiling Garden stylesheets




A Leiningen plugin for automatically compiling Garden stylesheets.


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This plugin requires Clojure version 1.6.0 or higher and Leiningen version 2.5.0 or higher.


Add the following dependency to the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

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How do I use this?


Let's suppose you have a project where you are currently using Garden for CSS generation. Now, imagine you're so tired of manually recompiling your stylesheets or resorting to some other form of skulduggery that you're thinking of going back to Sass. This causes you to reflect deeply on your life for a moment before realizing that it's just negativity talking and get back to hacking.

Chapter 1

You open ~/cash-money/src/cash_money/core.clj.

(ns cash-money.core
  (:require [garden.def :refer [defstylesheet defstyles]]
            [garden.units :refer [px]]))

(defstylesheet screen
  {:output-to "resources/public/screen.css"}
   {:font-family "sans-serif"
    :font-size (px 16)
    :line-height 1.5}])

There's a namespace to the north and a some Garden code to the south.

You think to yourself, "this is nice if you're the sort of person that doesn't mind constantly reloading the file to recompile the CSS after every save." Alas, you are not one of these "persons." Instead, you've added [lein-garden "X.X.X"] to your :plugins vector, read "Getting Things Done", and like Landon Austin are ready for anything.

Chapter 2

You open ~/cash-money/project.clj

(defproject cash-money "1.1.1"
  :plugins [[lein-garden "X.X.X"]])

To get everything going with lein garden you add the remaining ingredients.

(defproject cash-money "1.1.1"
  :plugins [[lein-garden "X.X.X"]]
  :garden {:builds [{;; Optional name of the build:
                     :id "screen"
                     ;; Source paths where the stylesheet source code is
                     :source-paths ["src/styles"]
                     ;; The var containing your stylesheet:
                     :stylesheet cash-money.core/screen
                     ;; Compiler flags passed to `garden.core/css`:
                     :compiler {;; Where to save the file:
                                :output-to "resources/screen.css"
                                ;; Compress the output?
                                :pretty-print? false}}]})

Next, you open ~/cash-money/src/styles/cash_money/core.clj and make a small change.

(ns cash-money.core
  (:require [garden.def :refer [defstylesheet defstyles]]
            [garden.units :refer [px]]))

;; Change defstylesheet to defstyles.
(defstyles screen
   {:font-family "sans-serif"
    :font-size (px 16)
    :line-height 1.5}])

Finally you run

$ lein garden auto

and behold as your stylesheet is automatically recompiled on save.

Chapter 3

Now you might want stylesheets to always compile whenever starting your program with leiningen. Add this to your project.clj

:prep-tasks [["garden" "once"]]

Chapter 4

To remove css on lein clean, you should add the compiled files to :clean-targets in your project.clj