A clj-new template for building Clojure libraries with bespoke a dev environment & tooling

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Clojars Project

A clj-new template for building Clojure libraries that have a basic dev environment configured.

The main difference over clj-new's standard lib template is the inclusion of an env/dev source path, that can contain bespoke tooling to help develop a library.

Using this template

After having installed clj-new and assuming you setup a :new alias you can make use of this template by running the command:

$ clj -A:new libdev packagename/mylibnamea
Generating fresh 'clj new' libdev project.

Then you can do:

$ tree mylibname/
├── deps.edn
├── env
│   └── dev
│       ├── dev.clj
│       └── user.clj
├── src
│   └── packagename
│       └── mylibname.clj
└── test
    └── packagename
        └── mylibname_test.clj

6 directories, 5 files

We also setup a :gen alias that you can use to generate extra templates within the project.

e.g. to add leiningen build support run the command:

$ clj -A:gen project=group-name/project-name

This will install leiningen configured with the lein-tools-deps plugin, so you can use leiningen to build and deploy your tools.deps project.


If you're working on libdev itself you can have it generate a new template from the project root directory with the command:

Run: clj -m clj-new.create libdev myname/mynewlib to test


Copyright Rick Moynihan © 2018

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.