Chain provider for Pedestal services running on AWS Lambda.



Pedestal for AWS Lambda

This library provides a Pedestal chain provider implementation for use with services which run on AWS Lambda, using Amazon API Gateway.


See the example/ directory for a project running a simple HTTP handler.

(require '[io.pedestal.http :as http])
(require '[me.joshkingsley.pedestal.lambda :refer [api-gateway-provider handle]])

;; The service map can be created with the `:io.pedestal.http/chain-provider`
;; key to initialize the service with the API Gateway provider.
(def service {::http/routes #{,,,}
              ::http/chain-provider api-gateway-provider})

;; Adds the default interceptors and Lambda handler fn to the service map.
(def service-with-handler (http/create-provider service))

;; Executes the interceptor chain and streams the response back to API Gateway.
(handle service-with-handler input output context)


Local integration testing

Install the following tools:

Build the test handler and run the local API Gateway:

$ lein with-profile local-dev uberjar
$ sam local start-api -t dev-sam-template.yml

To Do

  • Error handling
  • Improve API
  • Tests