Clojure library for datomic, allows you to express queries as entities.

Warning - library is in the early stages of alpha!

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Suppose you create a datom in your application that you would like to persist in datomic. Suppose it looks like this:

{:book/title "Dune"
:book/author "Frank Herbert"
:book/format "Paperback"}

You may wish to know whether it already exists in the database. So you would need to create a query that looks something like this:

'[:find ?book
  [?book :book/title "Dune"]
  [?book :book/author "Frank Herbert"
  [?book :book/format "Paperback"]]

This is essentially what entomic does - takes an entity and converts it into a datomic query. To find the entity above in the database, you would simply apply the Entomic function f (for "find") to the datom. You may get more than one result, depending on how many entities have those values.

(f {:book/title "Dune"
    :book/author "Frank Herbert"
    :book/format "Paperback"})

More generally, Entomic allows you to express queries as entities, which has several advantages:

  • Entities and queries have the same representation so can be used interchangably.
  • Queries can be created and manipulated in a more Clojure-idiomatic way - they're just Clojure maps
  • Querying is generally more concise

The Entomic API

This is in the early stages of development but already has a few useful features for querying and committing data to Datomic. See the tutorial for a quick tour.