Trooper is a Java-module like framework for building applications using one of the supported runtime profiles. Currently supported profiles include Batch, Service and Orchestration. It additionally has a number of useful libraries that may be used independently of the Trooper runtime.




Trooper is a Java module like framework that provides various runtime profiles for building applications. Batch, Service and Orchestration runtime profiles are currently supported. It is an umbrella project for a number of things:

  • Build Service Oriented applications that can be distributed and scaled.
  • Create a Java module-like system to build runtime profiles that applications can choose from : Basic, Service, Orchestration, Batch etc.
  • Implement a number of patterns suited for scalability and deployment on commodity hardware. E.g. sharding, statelessness, data locality, fail-fast, checkpointing and recovery.
  • Sub-projects that may be used totally independent of Trooper. E.g. the "mule-transport-rabbitmq" is a Maven project providing a RabbitMQ transport for Mule.
  • Provide data models suited for service interactions, event driven design and metrics collection


Release Date Description
Version 2.0.2 May 2017 Bug fix for Jetty loading in non-Unix OS
Version 2.0.1 Oct 2016 Removed bottleneck in PlatformEventMultiCaster
Version 2.0.0 May 2016 Jdk 1.8, Removed logback as default. Uses only slf4j
Version 1.3.4 Feb 2016 Support for multiple component containers


Changelog can be viewed in file (

Documentation and Examples

The Trooper "examples" project group demonstrates usage of various application profiles supported by Trooper. Documentation is continuously being added to the Wiki page of Trooper (

Getting help

For discussion, help regarding usage, or receiving important announcements, subscribe to Trooper mailing list:


Trooper is licensed under : The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Here is a copy of the license (

Project lead

Core contributors

Trooper users

( Write to us if you are a Trooper user and would like to be mentioned here )

  • Flipkart - large eCommerce portal in India

    • Catalog update propagation to website uses Trooper Batch and Orchestration profiles
    • Notification platform uses Trooper Batch and Orchestration profiles
    • Review Summarization processing pipeline is built using Sift and Trooper Batch
    • Phantom (Service Proxy) uses Trooper Basic profile and HBase persistence libraries. Mobile API platform is built on Service Proxy.
  • R&D department of a big company providing national electricity in France

  • Uses Trooper Batch profile in an application that helps researchers to do theirs statistics studies. It is used to import new data daily from many sources.