Simpler Lisp Editing



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parentheses inference for Lisp

See the Parinfer Home Page for a complete exploration.

Parinfer is a proof-of-concept editor mode for Lisp programming languages. It simplifies the way we write Lisp by auto-adjusting parens when indentation changes and vice versa. The hope is to make basic Lisp-editing easier for newcomers and experts alike, while still allowing existing plugins like Paredit to satisfy the need for more advanced operations.

This project is split into two parts:

How to Use It!

See the Parinfer Demo Editor to try the latest version online.

Parinfer is still in early development. Several people have started integrating it into code editors at various stages of development.

Parinfer will soon be available for some REPL environments as well:

Let me know if you're working on a plugin, or check the lib readme for extra guidance. Thanks!

MIT License