Devtools for ventas




Devtools for ventas. Meant to be used for ventas "core" development but also for developing plugins, themes, etc.

You shouldn't be using this directly. This is a dependency of ventas (in the dev profile), and of the projects generated with the leiningen template.

The only namespace meant to be used is ventas-devtools.repl, which is summarized below:

  • init

    Starts ventas. This should be used whenever starting a development session.

  • r

    Reloads the backend namespaces that have changed, and restarts whatever states need to be restarted. Accepts any number of arguments representing states you wish to refresh no matter what. List of possible arguments:

    • figwheel
    • sass
    • db
    • indexer
    • server
    • config
    • kafka
  • set-theme!

    Sets the theme to be used for Figwheel

  • cljs-repl

    Starts a CLJS REPL connected to the browser.

  • init-aliases

    (Already called when using init or r) Aliases common ventas namespaces such as ventas.database.entity => entity Useful when you change to whatever namespace, go back to repl, and want your aliases back.

  • reset

    Like r but does a hard reset (unmounts all states and mounts them again)

  • run-tests

    Runs the ventas tests