Countly 16.12

Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics platform.


Platform: CocoaPods

Language: Objective-C

License: ECL-2.0


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Install: pod try Countly

What's Countly?

Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics and push notifications platform. It collects data from mobile devices, and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior. There are two parts of Countly: the server that collects and analyzes data, and mobile SDK that sends this data. Both parts are open source with different licensing terms.


This repository includes the Countly iOS SDK which supports watchOS, tvOS & OSX also. See Countly iOS SDK documentation at Countly Resources for installation.

Other Github resources

This SDK needs one of the following Countly Editions to work:

For more information about Countly Enterprise Edition, see comparison of different Countly editions

There are also other Countly SDK repositories (both official and community supported) on Countly resources.

How can I help you with your efforts?

Glad you asked. We need ideas, feedbacks and constructive comments. All your suggestions will be taken care with upmost importance. We are on Twitter and Facebook if you would like to keep up with our fast progress!

If you liked Countly (just like we do!), why not use one of our badges and give a link back to us, so others know about this wonderful platform?

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16.12 January 11, 2017
16.06.4 September 27, 2016
16.06.3 August 09, 2016
16.06.2 August 04, 2016
16.06.1 July 05, 2016
16.06 June 18, 2016
16.02.01 May 20, 2016
16.02 February 21, 2016
15.06.01 July 08, 2015
3.0.0 March 28, 2015
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