SeedsSDK 0.4.6

iOS SDK for the Seeds SDK


Platform: CocoaPods

Language: Objective-C

License: ECL-2.0


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Install: pod try SeedsSDK


Seeds increases paying user conversion for freemium mobile games motivating users to make their first purchase by letting them know that their purchase will help finance microloans in the developing world. The SDK implements this with an interstitial ad and event tracking analytics.

The following platforms are now available:

Pull requests welcome

We're built on open source and welcome bug fixes and other contributions.

The Seeds iOS SDK

The Seeds iOS SDK is built with production-tested open source components, including Countly iOS SDK for analytics.


Please see the documentation.



0.4.6 January 11, 2017
0.4.5 January 11, 2017
0.4.4 January 11, 2017
0.4.3 January 11, 2017
0.4.2 November 03, 2016
0.4.1 September 29, 2016
0.4.0 September 27, 2016
0.3.3 November 17, 2015
0.3.1 September 03, 2015
0.3.0 August 26, 2015
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