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WagawinSDK for iOS

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To run the example project, clone the repo and run pod install from the Example directory first.


The Sdk supports iOS 7.1+ and XCode 7.3+

To integrate the SDK and to receive Ads you have to register at our Admin Panel. You will get your AppId there, which is needed to initialize the SDK.


WagawinSDK is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "WagawinSDK" , '~> 1.5.0'

Alternatively, you can download the files manually from the releases page and import them into your project by hand.

The footprint of your final app will increase by ~1 MB.


If not already done, you have to add the following linker flag to the Build Settings:


Link your target under Build Phases with the following libraries:


To enable the downloading of Ad media from different sources, you have to add the following code to your Info.plist:


NOTE: With certain frameworks you may get linker errors. To get rid of the errors you have to add the $(inherited) linker flag and set the "Build active architecture only" flag to NO in the Build Settings

Important: Submitting your App to the Appstore (IDFA Advertising Identifier)

When you submit your app to the Appstore, you are asked if you use the IDFA (Advertising Identifier). The Wagawin SDK uses the IDFA to identify the user and to deliver appropriate Ads, therefore you have to select YES.

The following things also have to be checked:

  • your app uses the IDFA for serving ads
  • your app respects "Limit Ad Tracking setting in iOS"

Wagawin currently does not use the IDFA to track the install of the app it is included.

If you do not respect these points, the Appstore may reject your app.



To import the Wagawin Library, you need to set the following import statement:

#import "WagawinSDK.h"

To initialize your app with the Wagawin Ad network, you have to call the initWithAppId method. You can optionally pass a delegate to receive callbacks from inside the SDK. You can get your App Key from the Wagawin Admin Panel:

id wagawinSdkDelegate = self;
 [WagawinSDK initWithAppId:@"<YOUR APP KEY>" andDelegate:wagawinSdkDelegate inEnvironment:WAGEnvironmentSandbox];

For testing, please set the environment variable to:


When you are done with testing and you want to release your app, please set the environment to:


Displaying an Ad

Once you reached the point where you want to display the ad, you can check if it's available:

  BOOL adAvailable = [WagawinSDK isAdAvailable];

If an Ad is available, you can display the ad with the following methods:

  if (adAvailable) {
     [WagawinSDK showAdGameWithViewController:self completionBlock:^{
            //this block will be called when Wagawin Sdk has finished displaying the Ad
     } cancelBlock:^{



//if you do not want to use the block interface for game callback handling 
//you can use the WagawinSDKGameCallbackDelegate which is passed when you start a game with
id gameCallbackDelegate = self;
UIViewController* viewControllerForPresenting = self;

[WagawinSDK showAdWithViewController:viewControllerForPresenting andDelegate:gameCallbackDelegate];

Delegate Methods

The Wagawin SDK provides two delegate protocols, which can be used by your App. The first is called WagawinSDKDelegate, which is passed when initializing the app to determine the SDK status:

id wagawinSdkDelegate = self;
[WagawinSDK initWithAppId:@"<YOUR APP KEY>" andDelegate:wagawinSdkDelegate inEnvironment:WAGEnvironmentSandbox];

//onInitializeFailed is called when a problem with the Wagawin Sdk initialization occurred

//onInitializeSuccess is called when the Wagawin Sdk has successfully initialized with the Wagawin backend

//onAdLoadSuccess will be called when an ad was successfully downloaded and is ready to be displayed

The second one is the GameCallbackDelegate, which is passed when displaying an Ad to receive messages after the Ad display:

[WagawinSDK showAdWithViewController:viewControllerForPresenting andDelegate:gameCallbackDelegate];

//onAdComplete is called then the Wagawin Sdk has finished displaying the ad

//onAdComplete:(NSString*)gameId; is called then the Wagawin Sdk has finished displaying the ad. The game Id is a unique id for every played game which can be used for fraud protection. Please contact us if you want to know more about this topic.

//onAdCancelled is called when an ad was cancelled by the user (not implemented yet)

//onAdError is called when an error happens in the SDK an the app returns without showing the game correctly

Going into Production

Once you have confirmed that the SDK works and you have decided to publish your App, you need to switch to Production mode. Just switch from passing WAGEnvironmentSandbox to WAGEnvironmentProduction in the init call, i.e. [WagawinSDK initWithAppId:@"<YOUR APP KEY>" andDelegate:wagawinSdkDelegate inEnvironment:WAGEnvironmentProduction];

NOTE: If your App hasn't been verified yet, you will receive no ads when you are in PRODUCTION-mode. You can check your status in the Admin Panel

NOTE: If your app uses its own sound or music, you must ensure that it doesn't play during an Wagawin ad. To do this, you use the callbacks provided by the GameCallbackDelegate protocol to stop your audio when the ad starts and resume your audio when the ad finishes.

NOTE: To support WagawinSDK your app must support at least one portrait and one landscape orientation. Otherwise it may lead to crashes. Your ViewControllers however dont need to support multiple interface orientations.


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