Sonect SDK

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In this document we will go through the necessary steps to integrate Sonect SDK in your iOS app.

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Via dependency managers:

  • Cocoapods: pod 'sonect-sdk-ios'
  • Carthage: github "sonect/sonect-sdk-ios"
  • Manual

Sonect SDK is written from ground up in Objective - C, and doesn’t have any external dependencies, so that it plays well with older code bases.

Minimum version: iOS 10.0+

The main entry point to the SDK is SNCSonect object. To present the Sonect view controller, you have to obtain the SDK token, the user ID and the signature, which must be calculated on your bank's serverside for security reasons.


Simple SDK Integration

SNCCredentials *credentials = [[SNCCredentials alloc] initWithSdkToken:_SDK_TOKEN_

//Create a SonectConfiguration.plist, alternatively use initWithContentsOfFile:
SNCConfiguration *configuration = [SNCConfiguration defaultConfiguration];

[SNCSonect presentWithCredentials:credentials

Configuration file

In order to configure the SDK, create a SonectConfiguration.plist file, and fill out the mandatory fields. You can load the configuration by using the SNCConfiguration object. A sample plist file might look like this, for more info consult the SNCConfiguration interface documentation.

Sample SonectConfiguration.plist values:


Payment Processing

In order to show available payment methods with your bank’s preferred details like name, details and logo, you should assign an object that implements SNCSonectPaymentDataSource to the SNCSonect.paymentDataSource.

You must then implement the following method in your class implementing SNCSonectPaymentDataSource

- (void)sonect:(SNCSonect *)sonect loadAvailablePaymentMethodsForContext:(SNCPaymentContext)context 

and return an array of objects that implement SNCPaymentMethod protocol, which will represent the available payment methods from your bank, i.e. different accounts.

In order to check if your bank can authorize a certain amount to be paid, the object implementing SNCPaymentMethod protocol will have to implement

- (void)canPayAmount:(SNCTransactionAmount *)amount 

check for the account balance, and then return the permission to proceed with payment, or an error if one occured while checking for the balance.

In order to process the payment, your object implementing SNCPaymentMethod protocol will need to create an SNCTransactionMetadata object and pass it back to the SDK for processing. The SDK will call -payAmount:withHandler: for you, and you will pass back the necessary info via SNCPaymentMethodHandler, this can happen asynchronously.

If your bank supports Open Bank API-s, the transaction will be fully processed by the SDK. However, if your bank doesn’t support the Open Bank API-s, you should process the transaction, and pass the payment reference in the SNCBankTransactionMetadata object. The transactionMetadata object should then be passed back to the SDK via the SNCPaymentMethodHandler callback.

- (void)payAmount:(SNCTransactionAmount *)amount 
     withHandler:(SNCPaymentMethodHandler)handler {
    //Obtain a payment reference by resolving the payment on your server. This can happen asynchronously
    NSString *paymentReference = @"_YOUR_PAYMENT_REFERENCE_";
    NSString *signature = @"_YOUR_SIGNATURE_";

    //Create a transactionMetadata object by passing the amount and the payment reference
    SNCBankTransactionMetadata *transactionMetadata = [SNCBankTransactionMetadata transactionMetadataWithAmount:amount paymentReference:paymentReference signature:signature];

    //Passing the transaction metadata back to SDK will start the payment resolution on Sonect and show a successful transaction with a barcode. 
    handler(transactionMetadata, nil, SNCPaymentStatusPending); 


Sonect SDK supports theming colors and fonts to allow you to customize the SDK, so that it looks and feels right when embedded in your app. To apply a theme, you need to create a new SNCTheme object and apply a theme like in the following example.

SNCTheme *theme = [SNCTheme new];
theme.type = SNCThemeTypeLight;
theme.fontName = "Futura-Medium";
theme.boldFontName = "Futura-CondensedExtraBold";
theme.detailColor1 = UIColor.yellowColor;
theme.detailColor2 = UIColor.yellowColor;
theme.detailColor3 = UIColor.yellowColor;
theme.detailColor4 = UIColor.yellowColor;
theme.detailColor5 = UIColor.yellowColor;
theme.navigationBarTintColor = UIColor.yellowColor;
theme.navigationBarTitleImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"rba"];
[theme set];

Following are samples of dark and light theme with different detail color and font settings, as displayed on the Withdraw function inside Sonect SDK.