read payments from bunq 🌈via bunq API and export as simple file for postprocessing in other tools

bunq, bunq-api, csv, csv-export, json, lexware
conda install -c conda-forge bunqexport


Bunqexport 🌈

After the some discussion in the lexware Finanzmanger forum, it looks like the authors do not feel the need to integrate bunq into their application (https://forum.lexware.de/threads/37851/)

Also in the bunq forums, no one seemed to have a prior solution (https://together.bunq.com/d/24026-lexware-quicken-finanzmanager-import-from-bunq).

So I decided to implement a simple export with python and the bunq rest API.


  • Connect to bunq (https://www.bunq.com) API with a pregenerated API key (see Tinker example: https://github.com/bunq/tinker_python)
  • Export payments from bunq as json and csv into one file per account
  • support special csv format with timestamps in DD.MM.YYYY format in timstamps, as expected from Haufe-Lexware Finanzmanger, when mode is lexware
  • Unit testing using nose
  • Pre-commit checking with pre-commit


Install bunqexport and generate an export:

$ pip install bunqexport
$ bunqexport --conf bunq-production.conf --mode lexware
[INFO   ] Using conf: bunq-production.conf
[INFO   ] found XX while fetching last 200 Payments for account XXXXXXX
[INFO   ] Wrote bunq_XXXXXXX_Default.csv
[INFO   ] Wrote bunq_XXXXXXX_Default.json
created    type               counterparty_alias.name                   amount.currency amount.value description
23.12.2019  CHECKOUT_MERCHANT                                      bunq  EUR              200.00                                    bunq account top up
23.12.2019         MASTERCARD                    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  EUR              -16.96               XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
23.12.2019            SAVINGS                               XXXXXXXXXXX  EUR               -0.04
24.12.2019            EBA_SCT                                XXXXXXXXXX  EUR              500.00                                                    ---
27.12.2019            EBA_SCT  PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie., S.C.A.  EUR                0.13                           PAYPAL BEVEILIGINGSMAATREGEL
27.12.2019            EBA_SCT  PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie., S.C.A.  EUR                0.03                           PAYPAL BEVEILIGINGSMAATREGEL


Any contributions are very welcome.

When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue with the owners of this repository before making a change.

Pull Request Process

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  2. Document your changes (whereever useful), e.g in README.md.
  3. Use pre-commit hooks by installing pip install pre-commit and run pre-commit install.


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