pyiron was initially developed in the Computational Materials Design department of Joerg Neugebauer at the Max Planck Insitut für Eisenforschung (Max Planck Insitute for iron research) as a framework for ab initio thermodynamics. In collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS) the framework was recently extended for high throughput applications resulting in the opensource release of pyiron.

pyiron, python
conda install -c anaconda pyiron_base



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pyiron - an integrated development environment (IDE) for computational materials science. While the general pyiron framework is focused on atomistic simulations, pyiron_base is independent of atomistic simulation. It can be used as a standalone workflow management combining a hierachical storage interface based on HDF5, support for HPC computing clusters and a user interface integrated in the Jupyter environment.


You can test pyiron on (beta). For a local installation we recommend to install pyiron inside an anaconda environment:

conda install -c conda-forge pyiron_base

See the Documentation-Installation page for more details.


After the successful configuration you can start your first pyiron calculation. Navigate to the the projects directory and start a jupyter notebook or jupyter lab session correspondingly:

cd ~/pyiron/projects
jupyter notebook

Open a new jupyter notebook and inside the notebook you can now validate your pyiron calculation by creating a test project:

from pyiron import Project
pr = Project('test')

Getting started:

Test pyiron with mybinder:


License and Acknowledgments

pyiron_base is licensed under the BSD license.

If you use pyiron in your scientific work, please consider citing

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