Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups



README for Net-Patricia

JCM::Net::Patricia - Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups


     This module uses a Patricia Trie data structure to quickly
     perform IP address prefix matching for applications such as
     IP subnet, network or routing table lookups.  The data
     structure is based on a radix tree using a radix of two, so
     sometimes you see patricia implementations called "radix" as
     well.  The term "Trie" is derived from the word "retrieval"
     but is pronounced like "try".  Patricia stands for
     "Practical Algorithm to Retrieve Information Coded as
     Alphanumeric", and was first suggested for routing table
     lookups by Van Jacobsen.  Patricia Trie performance
     characteristics are well-known as it has been employed for
     routing table lookups within the BSD kernel since the 4.3
     Reno release.

     The BSD radix code is thoroughly described in "TCP/IP
     Illustrated, Volume 2" by Wright and Stevens and in the
     paper ``A Tree-Based Packet Routing Table for Berkeley
     Unix'' by Keith Sklower.


   My "home" site for JCM::Net::Patricia is:



This module is forked from the awesome Net::Patricia module.  The
changes to Net::Patricia are the second argument passed to both
the climb() and the climb_inorder() methods - the CIDR prefix being
returned along with the data.

This is intended to be a temporary module and will revert to being as
light of weight of a wrapper around Net::Patricia when Net::Patricia
implements similar functionality.  Please check out Net::Patricia
before using this code, and, if Net::Patricia serves your needs, please
use that module instead.


   This package extracts, builds, installs in the usual fashion, i.e.:

      $ gunzip -c <Package-version>.tar.gz |tar xf -
      $ cd <Package-version>
      $ perl Makefile.PL
      $ make
      $ make test
      # make install


   * perl version 5

This fork is maintained by Joel Maslak <jmaslak@antelope.net>