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The Plain Old Documentation format (Pod) is a markup language used to document Perl code (see perlpod for reference). Several Perl modules exist to process and convert Pod into other formats.

Pod::Pandoc is an attempt to unify and extend Pod converting based on the Pandoc document converter. Pandoc supports more document formats in a more detailled and uniform way than any set of Perl modules will ever do. For this reason Pod::Pandoc provides methods to convert Pod to the Pandoc document model for further processing with Pandoc.



Installation of this module does not require Pandoc but it is needed to make actual use of it. See http://pandoc.org/installing.html for installation.


GitHub wiki and Sphinx documentation are automatically build on each commit to the master branch (see script deploy.sh).

GitHub wiki

The GitHub wiki of this project is automatically populated with its module documentation. Wiki pages are created with pod2pandoc as following (see script update-wiki.sh):

pod2pandoc lib/ script/ wiki/ --ext md --index Home --wiki -t markdown_github

Sphinx and Read The Docs

The Sphinx documentation generator recommends documents in reStructureText format. It further requires a configuration file conf.py and some links need to be adjusted because Pandoc does not support wikilinks in rst output format (see script update-docs.sh:

pod2pandoc lib/ script/ docs/ --ext rst --wiki -t rst --standalone
perl -pi -e 's!`([^`]+) <([^>]+)>`__!-e "docs/$2.rst" ? ":doc:`$1 <$2>`" : "`$1 <$2>`__"!e' docs/*.rst
make -C docs html

The result is published automatically at http://pod-pandoc.rtfd.io/en/latest/Pod-Pandoc.html.


This module is basde on the wrapper module Pandoc to execute pandoc from Perl and on the module Pandoc::Elements for pandoc document processing.

This module makes obsolete several specialized Pod::Simple::... modules such as Pod::Simple::HTML, Pod::Simple::XHTML, Pod::Simple::LaTeX, Pod::Simple::RTF Pod::Simple::Text, Pod::Simple::Wiki, Pod::WordML, Pod::Perldoc::ToToc etc. It also covers batch conversion such as Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch, Pod::ProjectDocs, Pod::POM::Web, and Pod::HtmlTree.


Jakob Voß jakob.voss@gbv.de


Copyright 2017- Jakob Voß

GNU General Public License, Version 2