exCon 0.2.1

Interactive Exploration of Contour Data

Homepage: https://github.com/bryanhanson/exCon

Platform: CRAN

Language: R

License: GPL-3.0

View on registry: https://cran.r-project.org/package=exCon

Documentation: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/exCon/exCon.pdf

Direct download link: https://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/exCon_0.2.1.tar.gz

exCon: Interactive Exploration of Contour Data

exCon is an interactive tool to explore topographic-like data sets. Such data sets take the form of a matrix in which the rows and columns provide location/frequency information, and the matrix elements contain altitude/response information. Such data is found in cartography, 2D spectroscopy and chemometrics. exCon creates an interactive web page showing the contoured data set along with slices from the original matrix parallel to each dimension. The page is written in d3/javascript.

Installation from Github using R:

install_github(repo = "[email protected]")

If you use @some_other_branch you can get other branches that might be available. They may or may not pass CRAN checks and thus may not install automatically using the method above. Check the NEWS file to see what's up.

Installation from CRAN using R:

chooseCRANmirror() # choose a CRAN mirror


  • Extend guides into slice areas?
  • Make layout responsive to dimensions & aspect ratio of original data.
  • Color different contour levels & add scale.
  • Cosmetic: units like 1,800 can run into the slice area.
  • What can be done to improve performance with large data sets? One possibility: hold updating of slices until mouse stops moving.


exCon was developed by Kristina R. Mulry and Bryan A. Hanson starting in the Spring of 2014, at DePauw University. Contributions from others listed in the NEWS file.

License Information

exCon is distributed under the GPL-3 license. For more info, see the GPL site.

Questions? [email protected]

Action! The volcano data set from R viewed with exCon.

Click here to see exCon in action

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grDevices *
jsonlite * 0.9.22 1.4 MIT
utils *
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js * 0.2 MIT
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R >= 3.0
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0.2.1 January 11, 2017
0.1.14 January 26, 2016
0.1.12 July 16, 2015
0.1.9 June 23, 2015
0.1.5 May 07, 2015
0.1-3 January 14, 2015
0.1-0 October 29, 2014

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