moveHMM 1.4

Animal Movement Modelling using Hidden Markov Models


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Language: R

License: GPL-3.0

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An R package for modelling animal movement with hidden Markov models.

Get started with the vignette: Guide to using moveHMM

Installation instructions

Stable release

The package is available on CRAN. To install it from CRAN, you can use the following commands:

# install dependencies
# install moveHMM

Install from Github

To install the latest (unstable) version of the package from Github:

install_github("TheoMichelot/moveHMM", build_vignettes=TRUE)


Michelot, T., Langrock, R., Patterson, T.A. (2016). moveHMM: An R package for analysing animal movement data using hidden Markov models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 7(11), 1308-1315.

Langrock, R., King, R., Matthiopoulos, J., Thomas, L., Fortin, D., & Morales, J. M. (2012). Flexible and practical modeling of animal telemetry data: hidden Markov models and extensions. Ecology, 93(11), 2336-2342.

Patterson, T. A., Basson, M., Bravington, M. V., & Gunn, J. S. (2009). Classifying movement behaviour in relation to environmental conditions using hidden Markov models. Journal of Animal Ecology, 78(6), 1113-1123.

Imports Dependencies Requirements Latest Stable Latest Release Licenses
boot * 1.3-19 FSFUL
ggmap * 2.6.1 2.6.1 GPL-2.0
ggplot2 * 2.2.1 2.2.1 AML
MASS * 7.3-47 GPL-2.0+
Rcpp * 0.12.10 0.12.10 GPL-2.0+
sp * 1.2-4 GPL-2.0+
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Depends Dependencies Requirements Latest Stable Latest Release Licenses
CircStats * 0.2-4 GPL-2.0
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Suggests Dependencies Requirements Latest Stable Latest Release Licenses
knitr * 1.15.1 1.15.1 GPL-2.0+
testthat * 1.0.2 1.0.2 MIT
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1.4 April 06, 2017
1.3 January 11, 2017
1.2 June 04, 2016
1.1 December 03, 2015
1.0 October 23, 2015

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