Retrieve Raw R Code from Popular Tutorials and Websites



Get Started Using rawr

Websites containing R code sometimes necessitate tedious copy/pasting of code blocks from the website to your code editor in order for you to be able to run the code for yourself.

rawr takes care of this.

Simple Example: Get R Code from a Kaggle Notebook

To get the code from a kaggle notebook:

code <- rawr("https://www.kaggle.com/vrtjso/mercari-eda-more-info-than-you-can-imagine")

# View code easily

More Examples

Here's a great tutorial.

What if you want to run the R code yourself? Easy!


code <- rawr("https://www.tidytextmining.com/sentiment.html") 

The output is a little hard to read though! That's easily solved

code %>% cat

rawr currently supports github, kaggle, datacamp, and many blogdown sites. Try it


rawr("https://www.datacamp.com/community/tutorials/sentiment-analysis-R") %>% cat
rawr("https://github.com/hadley/vis-eda/blob/master/travel.R") %>% cat
rawr("https://www.kaggle.com/vrtjso/mercari-eda-more-info-than-you-can-imagine") %>% cat
rawr("https://www.jtimm.net/2019/04/14/lexical-change-procrustes/") %>% cat

Further Documentation and Examples



Issues and Feature Requests

When reporting an issue, please include:

  • Example code that reproduces the observed behavior.
  • An explanation of what the expected behavior is.
  • A specific url you're attempting to retrieve R code from (if that's what your issue concerns)

For feature requests, raise an issue with the following:

  • The desired functionality
  • Example inputs and desired output

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcomed.

Any new functions should follow the conventions established by the the package's existing functions. Please ensure

  • Functions are sensibly named
  • The intent of the contribution is clear
  • At least one example is provided in the documentation