Charts for Monitoring Clinical Trial Safety




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The safetyCharts R package contains a set of charts used in clinical trial research. These charts are optimized for usage with the safetyGraphics package and shiny application, but can also easily be used as standalone displays.

Chart Types

There are several types of charts included in this package:

  • Static Displays - These are written as R functions that output static statistical displays. See the help files for each chart for more details. Saved in \R.
  • htmlwidgets - Interactive graphics written in javascript and configured for R using the htmlwidgets pacakge. Saved in \inst/htmlwidgets.
  • Chart configuration Files - YAML files specifying chart details needed for safetyGraphics. Saved in \inst\config.
  • Chart workflow functions - R functions used to prepare data and settings in safetyGraphics. Saved in \inst\config\workflow - or maybe in \R ....