GLFW3 wrapper for D programming language

library, binding, graphics, gamedev, gui, dlang, glfw, mit-license, oop-interfaice, opengl
dub fetch glfw3d --version 2.1.0


glfw3d Page on DUB Licence

glfw3d is medium-level GLFW wrapper for D programming language.


GLFW is very simple library. Just few calls to create OpenGL context and window.

This wrapper aimed to make it even more simplier.

  • Uses std.experimental.logger. You can easily turn logging of or log to file
  • OOP interfaice.

Why "medium-level"?

High-level wrapper brings new enums, structs. You cannot just move from low-level wrapper to high-level, you have to rewrite a lot of code. Medium-level wrapper uses both high and low-level features. You can use OOP interfaice, but you can also use low-level functions, if something went wrong.


This wrapper licenced under terms of MIT licence. GLFW licenced under terms of zlib/libpng licence.