DOM traversal for Elm event-handlers

elm-package install debois/elm-dom 1.2.3


DOM traversal for Elm event-handlers

Library for reading information off the DOM. Use this if you need to discover geometry information (width, position, ...) of rendered elements.

Elm has two major hurdles to overcome when working with the DOM:

  1. Elm is pure, but the DOM mutates constantly. A function that, say, reads the height of a DOM element cannot be pure.
  2. If you use VirtualDom, you do not have direct access to the DOM anyway.

In event-handlers, we can overcome both these problems: the DOM does not mutate while we are handling events, and events typically contain references to DOM nodes.

I wrote this library specifically to overcome my inability to call getBoundingClientRect as part of handling events in Elm, but you might find it useful if you wish to read properties of the DOM for other reasons.


Please do! If, say, you need more traversal primitives (child nodes?), please contact me or submit a pull request!