XML parser, encoder/decoder and queries in Elm

elm, elm-xml, xml-parser
elm-package install eeue56/elm-xml 2.2.3


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xml parser for elm

First bring XML into Elm as a Value. Once imported as a Value, you can then either query the values with Xml.Query.

Or you can turn it back to a string using Xml.Encode.encode. Or pull it apart using Xml.Encode.Value.

In order to turn an Xml.Value into a record, you probably want Xml.Query, paired with Result.map.

import Xml exposing (Value)
import Xml.Encode exposing (null)
import Xml.Decode exposing (decode)
import Xml.Query exposing (tags)

decodedXml : Value
decodedXml = 
	<age max="100">50</age>
	<age max="100">57</age>
		|> decode
		|> Result.toMaybe
		|> Maybe.withDefault null

type alias Person = 
	{ name: String
	, age: Int

person : Value -> Result String Person
person value =
        (\name age ->
            { name = name
            , age = age
        (tag "name" string value)
        (tag "age" int value)

people : List Person
people =
    tags "person" decodedXml
        |> collect person