Convenience functions for working with List

convenience-functions, elm, list
elm-package install elm-community/list-extra 8.7.0


Convenience functions for working with List

Feedback and contributions are very welcome!


This package uses elm-test and elm-verify-examples.


Pull requests are welcome. You can expect some kind of response within 14 days.

If you are proposing a new function be added, please adhere to the following..

  1. Include documentation and make sure your documentation has a code snippet demonstrating what the function does. We use elm-verify-examples in our travis set up which verifies our examples that our example code is correct, so please take advantage of that.
  2. Provide a detailed use case where your new function would be useful. Also, compare your new function to the best possible implementation that doesn't include use your function.
  3. Add tests to Tests/Tests.elm

If you are improving existing functions please demonstrate the performance gains in something like Ellie and by using a benchmark library like this one. I usually copy and paste the last ellie bench mark I made, like this one, so I don't have to set up the whole benchmark from scratch every time.