Framework for Elm apps using a Python 3.5+ asyncio backend

elm-package install ensoft/entrance 1.0.0



EnTrance is a framework for writing simple but robust web apps, using a Python 3.5+ asyncio backend, and an Elm frontend.

Communication between the frontend and backend is via JSON messages sent asynchronously over a websocket. Websocket connectivity is typically required for the frontend to function. The backend is fully generic, but happens to come with particularly rich built-in options for communicating with routers.

This is an early commit, and is a bit sparse on documentation. The samples directory has some simple example apps. A design document is in the docs directory in the repo; this explains concepts and terminology required to fully understand the APIs for both Elm and Python.

The single repo includes both the Python package (published in PyPi) and the Elm package (published in elm-package).