Fission UI Kit

elm-package install fission-codes/kit 1.0.0


UI Kit

License Built by FISSION Discord Discourse

The Fission UI Kit,
designed to be used with Tailwind CSS.

🎨 Styleguide
📖 Documentation

Getting Started

Step one, install dependencies.

  • npm install @fission-suite/kit
  • npm install tailwindcss
  • Copy the font files.
    npx copy-fission-fonts ./vendor/fonts/ --woff2
  • Copt the images. npx copy-fission-images ./vendor/images/

Step two, configure Tailwind CSS.

We need to configure Tailwind CSS to use the Fission colors, fonts and other things.

import plugin from "tailwindcss/plugin"
import * as kit from "@fission-suite/kit"
// or kit = require("@fission-suite/kit")

export default {
  purge: [

  theme: {
    colors: kit.dasherizeObjectKeys(kit.colors),
    fontFamily: kit.fonts,

    extend: {
      fontSize: kit.fontSizes

  plugins: [
    plugin(function({ addBase }) {
      // this `fontsPath` will be the relative path
      // to the fonts from the generated stylesheet
      kit.fontFaces({ fontsPath: "/fonts/" }).forEach(fontFace => {
        addBase({ "@font-face": fontFace })

See the guide for an example configuration, and how to use the Elm library.

Step three, use the component library.


npm install @fission-suite/kit
import { SignInButton } from "@fission-suite/kit/components/react"

  className="bg-base-900 text-base-50 dark:bg-base-100 dark:text-base-900"
  onClick={() => webnative.redirectToLobby(PERMISSIONS)}

📖 Documentation


elm install fission-suite/kit
import Kit.Components

Kit.Components.signIn [ class "bg-purple text-white text-opacity-90" ]

📖 Documentation