Ordered Dict and Set for Elm

elm-package install j-maas/elm-ordered-containers 1.0.0



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OrderedDict and OrderedSet that remember the order of insertion.

The default implementations, Dict and Set, do not keep track of their item's ordering. OrderedDict or OrderedSet, by contrast, will respect the insertion order when converting them to a List or iterating over their items (using foldl, foldr, or partition).


import OrderedSet
import Set

-- Remembers insertion order
    |> OrderedSet.insert 2
    |> OrderedSet.insert 1
    |> OrderedSet.insert 3
    |> OrderedSet.toList
--> [ 2, 1, 3 ]

-- Orders by keys
    |> Set.insert 2
    |> Set.insert 1
    |> Set.insert 3
    |> Set.toList
--> [ 1, 2, 3 ]
import Dict
import OrderedDict

-- Remembers insertion order
    |> OrderedDict.insert 3 "first"
    |> OrderedDict.insert 1 "second"
    |> OrderedDict.insert 2 "third"
    |> OrderedDict.toList
--> [ ( 3, "first" ), ( 1, "second" ), ( 2, "third" ) ]

-- Orders by keys
    |> Dict.insert 3 "first"
    |> Dict.insert 1 "second"
    |> Dict.insert 2 "third"
    |> Dict.toList
--> [ ( 1, "second" ), ( 2, "third" ), ( 3, "first") ]

Comparison to Dict and Set

The API purposely includes all functions from the regular Dict and Set with the exception for the "Combine" functions (e.g., union, diff, etc.). Those are left out, because combining ordered collections does not have a single obvious solution. You can always write custom combination functions for your use case!

In addition to the regular API there is a method for efficiently converting back to a regular collection, namely OrderedDict.toDict and OrderedSet.toSet.

How it works

The OrderedDict, in addition to a plain Dict, keeps a List of all the keys in the order they are inserted.

This means that we sacrifice some space, but get the performance of Dict for its "Query" operations, while only introducing minor overhead to the rest.

As an alternative, pzp1997/assoc-list stores only a list while providing a Dict-like interface.

History and contributors

Originally, this package was based on rnon's ordered-containers and updated for Elm 0.19. Later, it was merged with wittjosiah's elm-ordered-dict and rewritten to handle re-insertion in a clearly documented way.

Previously, this package was called y0hy0h/ordered-containers, but after a rename of my GitHub account I had to recreate this package as j-maas/elm-ordered-containers.


This project is passively maintened. I intend to respond to issues and pull requests, but am not dedicating time to develop new features.