Tufte plots and charts in SVG and Elm! with IDs for drill-down

elm-package install koctya/elm-plot 1.0.0


This is a fork of terezka's elm-plot

The main difference is that I added an integer ID to the data points to allow drilling down to detailed information on the data point.

Elm Plot

A library for plotting using SVG and Elm. You can take a look here!


This library may differ slightly from common ones around in the way that it does not only aim to provide tools to make whatever visualization you need, but also guide you to make better visualizations. Better is of course subjective, but this library chooses to follow the school of Edward Tufte, author of the book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. His ideas on ideal visualizations are well summarized by the following quote.

Graphical excellence is that which gives to the viewer the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space. - Edward Tufte

However, if you find that these opinions are keeping you from doing something incredibly vital, then let's talk about it and see if it makes sense to allow it.


Currently the library has the following features:

  • Series
    • Plain and area series.
    • Interpolations include none (a scatter), linear, and monotone-x.
  • Horizontally stacked bar charts / histograms.
  • All plots have the option for customizable axis, ticks and labels.

What is the API like?

Aiming to provide you with an easy start, the library has different levels of customizations. At a very basic level it could look like this:

    main =
        [ area (List.map (\{ x, y } -> circle x y)) ]
        [ { x = 0, y = 1 }
        , { x = 2, y = 2 }
        , { x = 3, y = 3 }
        , { x = 4, y = 5 }
        , { x = 5, y = 8 }

You're welcome to take a look at the /docs folder for more examples!

Missing something?

Let me know! Open an issue (or PR) or write in slack. Please don't hesitate, I'm happy to answer any questions or receive feedback!



elm package install
elm reactor

and open docs (The docs contain a bunch of examples convenient for developing).

Compile the Docs

elm live docs/src/Docs.elm --output=docs/docs.js


Tests are written with elm-test. For further information on elm-test check the documentation. All required dependencies are downloaded and installed when initially running the command.

elm test