[DEPRECIATED] use Orasund/pixelengine instead.

elm-package install orasund/pixelengine 1.0.3



A graphic engine for rendering turn-based pixel games.

When to use it:

  • The game is turned based. (Board Games, Rogue-likes games, Puzzle games, Turn based stragety games)
  • The game has a idle state. (Farming games, Jump 'n' Run games with no enemies, J-RPG games like Pokemon)
  • The game is tile based. (Tetris,Pack-man)

When not to use it:

  • The game is about speed or accuracy. (Racing games)
  • The game is physics based. (Flappy Birds)
  • The game has a continues gameloop. (Jump 'n' Run games with enemies, western RPGs like Zelda)

Games made with this Engine