The compiler for Ren: a dynamically typed, functional scripting language.

compile-to-js, compiler, elm, functional-programming, javascript, programming-language, transpiler
elm-package install ren-lang/compiler 9.0.0



This is the compiler for the Ren programmer language, distributed as an Elm package. If you want to write and run Ren code, you should take a look at the playground instead.

What is this package for?

It's often useful to have the parser, emitter, or entire compiler available as an API or package. Third-party programs like editor tooling, static analysis, or code generators can call out to relevant parts of the compiler without reinventing the wheel. In the Elm community, tools like elm-review and elm-analyse all depend on another package, elm-syntax, but this package is not official and may be wrong or out of date compared to the actual language implementation!

Our CLI depends on this package, as does the browser playground. If any third-party tooling depends on this package too, we can be sure everyone is on the same page and everything works together nicely!

How do I use this package?

This is an Elm package, so first and foremost make sure you have Elm installed. Then, all you need to do is install this like you would any other package:

$ elm install ren-lang/compiler

Writing CLIs and interfacing with things like the filesystem can be a bit awkward in Elm, as there are no native libraries for it and the JavaScript FFI is a bit different compared to most other languages. If you're stuck on what to do next you could take a look at the cli repo as a starting point, it's an Elm app too!