Elm SDK for the Stellar Cryptocurrency

elm-package install ryan-senn/stellar-elm-sdk 1.0.0


Stellar Elm SDK / API Examples

This repository started as a proof of concept that the Elm Language could be an excellent candidate as a Stellar SDK with its strong static types and excellent support for Http and Websockets.

This Repository used to host 2 things:

  • A Stellar SDK written in Elm
  • An Example SPA (single page application) written in Elm, that uses the SDK to interact with the Stellar Network.

The Demo SPA has now been extracted to it's own package, leaving only the SDK in this repository.

The live Demo can be found here. Here is the link to the Demo SPA source code.

Future Plans

Now that the SDK is its own stand alone package hosted on the official elm (http://package.elm-lang.org), I want to focus on stellar (!) documentation.

The Demo Spa future plans can be found here.